We are hiring!


  • An active certified general electrician or trainee card
  • Be able to communicate effectively
  • Perform TI electrical construction, conduit bending, wire pulling, and all other aspects of electrical installations
  • Up to date on title 24 lighting controls, equipment, and installation.
  • Solid background in troubleshooting
  • Current on NEC codes.
  • Able to read/follow blueprints and plan electrical layouts based on prints.
  • Have and maintain safe working practices.
  • Be able to work well with all levels of employees
  • Handle lead roles in customer service and follow-through
  • Independent, reliable and looking for a long term employment opportunity


  • Hourly rate plus bonuses based on experience and ability.
  • After probation: medical, vacation, paid sick time, company vehicle, gas card, and Fastrack for those that qualify.


    1. The Greater Good of the Companies, Team and Customers come before the individual. ​This is necessary to stay in business, to grow and be profitable.
    2. Be willing to do whatever it takes to win.​ Winning is a job that profits, is done on time and with precision. We don’t do things twice. We do them right the first time and with accuracy.
    3.​ Be Loyal to the Team. ​We are all on the Team. Any DMR – RR employees are on the Team. From the office to the field and every person that works with us.
    4. Do not go behind other people’s backs with problems or gossip. ​This type of behavior is poison to companies, divisive and destroys the Team. If someone has an issue with another employee, they talk with that person only. They do not talk behind the person’s back to other people.
    5. Never let personal issues get in the way of our mission. Everyone has personal issues. Do not bring them to work and derail progress or positivity.
    6. Celebrate all Wins. ​If another Team member has an awesome day and yours was “just OK”, celebrate what a great day he had. Creates a positive work environment and great momentum.
    7. Be effective and efficient. ​Never go so fast, that your work is of poor quality and you have to go back and fix it. We bid work to be done right the first time. If we do anything twice, we just lost money for the Companies and the Team. Slower physical motion and a smarter mind.
    8. Be personally responsible for your mistakes. ​We all make mistakes. Admit when you do. Own your mistakes. Let others know you made a mistake. Do not blame others or not admit that it is your fault. Do better the next hour.
    9. Everyone must sell. ​By the way we dress, conduct ourselves and the quality of our work. Always smile, have a positive attitude and let the customer know we are there to help.
    10. Be willing to “Call” or “Be Called”. ​If you break the above Code of Honor Rules, others are expected to “call” you on it. Regardless, of their/your position. If you see someone else breaking the above rules, “Call them out” on it. “That’s not what we do here.”