Structured Cabling Bay Area

DMR Electric is here to handle all of your structured wiring needs. Whether you’re a contractor building a home from scratch, or you’re a homeowner having your home retrofitted and remodeled, our structured wiring technicians can plan out your new electrical system so that it is safe, affordable, and more importantly, so that it works for your needs. We’ll help you decide how many outlets to put in each room, which space makes the most sense for your office, television, security system, and more. Your home is in good hands with DMR Electric.
Call today to start planning your new home and make an appointment with one of our Concord structured wiring specialists.

plans for structured wiring in Concord, CA

What Is Structured Wiring?

Structured wiring might sound like a scary term to a homeowner, but, as with most things, it’s not really that scary when you know what it stands for. Really, structured wiring refers to the wiring system for your home or commercial building. This network of wires is then used for audio, video, telephone, cable, security systems, data, and more – whatever you need to keep your home fully connected with the outside world.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to have TV hookups in every bedroom of the house, with the ability to let every person enjoy the luxury of watching their favorite television shows in private. Whether you want CAT, coaxial, or fiber optic cables installed, DMR Electric is staffed by a team of professionals who are up for the job.

Top Rated Customer Service

Our Concord structured wiring technicians pride themselves in providing the best customer service your money can buy. There might be a dozen different electricians in Concord, but only one will provide you with high quality services, excellent prices, AND outstanding customer service. We know that the friendly attitudes of our technicians is like the cherry on top of our already superb services, and we want to make sure that each and every customer is treated like royalty. If you ever receive anything less than the best customer service, we want to hear about it.

Commercial Structured Wiring

DMR Electric can provide structured wiring services for new construction and other projects currently under development. If you’re in charge of designing a new office park, apartment complex, or retail center, then you need a dedicated team of electricians working on your side to make sure your electrical is designed safely and according to code. Our techs have experience with a variety of structured wiring projects, and we’re always looking for more. Call us today for more information.

Concord, CA structured wiring installation by DMR Electric

Residential Structured Wiring

Homeowners looking for an electrical expert in Concord need not look further. Call DMR Electric today for assistance in creating your dream home stereo system, wiring your home’s brand new alarm system, and more. We’ll install a structured networking panel (SNP) or inspect your current one and make the necessary adjustments to get your home fully wired and ready for your purposes. We also specialize in LED lighting for your home or business. Call DMR Electric today for structured wiring in Concord, CA.