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How LED Parking Lot Lighting Keeps People Safe

LED lighting can save you significantly on your power bill compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs. Used for parking lot lighting, LED bulbs can also help to keep people safer at night than other types of lighting. Parking lot lighting helps people to see where they’re going and makes the area feel more welcoming. Plus, the bulbs are not very expensive to buy, making them an even more cost-effective purchase choice for your parking business. Read on to discover how LED lighting can help to keep your parking lot safe.

Prevents Crime in Your Parking Lot

It stands to reason that a well-lit area will be less tempting for thieves. And research from the Department of Homeland Security backs up this theory. If they know they can be seen, and potentially recognized, they’ll probably think twice about breaking into cars. Or vandalizing property, or assaulting or mugging parking lot users. Making CCTV cameras prominent by pointing light sources at them, or placing lights above the cameras, can also help to highlight the fact that they’re being watched — another strong crime deterrent. And as the Department of Homeland Security report says, Police (and security guards) are also more visible under decent lighting. If these figures of authority are seen, criminals are less likely to follow through with illegal acts. LED lights shine evenly across a surface, and depending on the type, can distribute light down an individual pathway or 360 degrees. This means that they can light up each part of your parking lot so that thieves and muggers have nowhere to hide. LED lighting is able to emit very bright light at a low cost, making them perfect for these directional lighting purposes. Coupled with a visible security monitoring system, parking lot lighting is your friend in the fight against potential crime on your lot.

LED Parking Lot Lighting Stops Accidents

Parking lot lighting helps to prevent accidents as well as crime. When people can see where they’re walking or driving properly, they have more time to notice and react. LED lighting also appears to the human eye as a more vibrant white color, meaning that it is better at highlighting details. So people are more likely to spot small curbs or raised edges at night they might trip over. You can also lay strips of LED lighting along the floor. Place them along pathways to help guide cars at night, and to show people safe places to walk. You could even consider setting out dotted LEDs around parking spaces to guide cars into the space, in order to prevent dings and knocks. A side benefit of these innovative uses of LEDs in this way can also make your business look very modern and professional. Which may in turn appeal to your customers and improve their opinion of you.

LED Lighting Lasts Longer

Sample LED Light

LED lights last much longer than traditional bulbs, so you won’t have to worry about them failing as often. In terms of preventing accidents and crime, this is good to know. A failed bulb in a dark corner of the parking lot could easily lead to an accident. And it might take some time before it gets replaced. Let’s say that a bulb breaks during a busy evening at your business. You and your staff may not even notice that a light has gone out. The first you’ll hear about it is from a very unhappy customer, complaining that they fell over in the dark while looking for their car. So knowing that the risk has been diminished by the simple swapping of lighting systems gives you plenty of peace of mind – at a very low cost!

Parking Lot Lighting Makes People Feel Safer

Even if there is nobody else for miles around, the people using your parking lot at night don’t know that. Walking in the dark can be unnerving, particularly if a person isn’t familiar with the area. Effective and bright parking lot lighting really helps to puts their mind at ease. They’ll feel comfortable and confident entering your business. Or using your parking lot, if that is your main business. So parking lot lighting is actually a key asset for your business itself. If no one wants to park in your lot when it gets dark, you’re not going to get many customers on short winter days. It should also make you feel much safer, and not just about the security of your business. If people hurt themselves on your parking lot due to poor or inadequate lighting choices, there’s a chance you could be held liable for that. Nobody wants to end up in court over a completely avoidable situation. And so LED lighting is a relatively small investment to make to avoid litigation.

They’re Less of a Fire Hazard

This type of lighting is much less likely to overheat, and so it is not so much of a fire hazard as traditional lighting solutions. In most parking lots, the threat of fire is fairly low, because the ground is made of tarmac. However, a burnt out bulb popping out of its socket could still cause a nasty injury or damage to a customer’s car. It might seem remote, but it’s not really a chance worth taking when LED lighting is so affordable and efficient.

Our Professional LED Lighting Services

DMR Electric provides expert installation and repair lighting services. We’re very excited to work with businesses looking to keep their customers safer while using their parking lots. We can wire up new lamps, retrofit LED bulbs into existing lighting arrangements and troubleshoot any problems you have. Soon, you too will be enjoying the benefits of new LEDs for your parking lot lighting. This will help you cut hundreds of dollars from your energy bills every month. And if your lighting ever needs maintenance – we’ll be here for that too. Get in touch today, and our friendly team will be happy to discuss how we can help brighten up your parking lot lighting.

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