EV Chargers in Concord

If you have an electric car in Concord, then you need your own in-home EV charger. Electric vehicles are awesome in terms of mileage and cost savings, but they can be a pain if you don’t have access to a charging dock at home or at work. As more and more companies like Tesla, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan start making even better electric vehicles, it’s important that our customers realize they have access to a professional EV charging station installer in their area.

Often times, the manufacturer of your individual electric vehicle will offer an EV charging station as part of an additional introductory package when buying your car new. Many people don’t realize, however, that they have the option of purchasing a non-name brand EV charger for a significant price decrease – and that it works just as well as any other one. One of our goals is to make sure that more people know about this affordable, effective option, and that they take advantage of our Concord EV charger installation services.

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ev charger installed at Concord Residence by DMR Electric

Residential EV Chargers

It doesn’t matter what type of EV you have – you’ll always need a way to charge it effectively. It can be inconvenient to have to rely on public EV chargers, especially if you’re using your electric car on a daily basis and have to make a long commute. Some employers might have an EV charger for their employees to use during the workday, but even then you might have to fight over the spot with several other employees. And what about if your work doesn’t have an EV charging station? And sure, more and more retail centers are adding EV chargers to their parking lots, but you’re still dealing with high rates to charge your car, and you also don’t ever know if you’ll be able to get a charging parking spot.

Does this all sound anxiety-inducing to you? We think so, too. That’s why we recommend that our customers invest in their personal EV charging station for their home. We’ll advise you on the best placement of your charger in your garage, install the appropriate length of cable, and you’re good to go. Charge before going to work or making your weekend errands trips. Avoid the expensive charging fees at public EV chargers.

Commercial EV Chargers

As more and more people start to buy electric cars, it’s important that employers consider the addition of an EV charging station in their parking lot. If you offer this as a complimentary service to your employees, you’ll see more and more employees converting to electric. What does this mean for you? It means you can install EV chargers as a way to incentivize your employees to go green and help the environment. Who knew you had such power?

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DMR Electric installed Electric Vehicle chargers in Concord, CA

Maintenance and Repair

DMR Electric also offers EV charger maintenance and repair in Concord. If your charger is acting strangely or needs service, call our office now. We’ll send a technician out to fix your EV charger ASAP so you can go about your usual day with little or no disruption.