Data and Phone Service in Concord

DMR Electric is staffed by professionals in data and phone service in Concord. We view ourselves as facilitators when it comes to helping your business to grow and expand, not only in terms of clientele but in terms of employees. You might have the budget and the workload to justify hiring a new employee – but do you have an office that is wired for their office phone, new computer, and other electronic devices?

  • Data rack improvements
  • Adds
  • Moves
  • Changes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation and setup

Our job as your Concord Data and phone service provider is to outfit your office with phone jacks, data cables, electrical outlets, CAT cables, Ethernet, and more so that when the time comes you’re ready to expand your workforce and make room for more business (and more profits). Call upon DMR Electric today for your data and phone service needs in Concord and the surrounding area. We’ll give you expert advice, expert service, and all at an amazing price.

Data and phone Service routing for commercial space of spotify in San Francisco

Phone Jack Wiring

You might think “who the heck uses a landline these days?” but you might be surprised. The one place where phone jacks are still relevant is in the workplace. If you’re used to an office environment, you might notice that every cubicle has its own phone jack wiring (and, of course, that every office employee has his or her own telephone setup). This is where DMR electric shines.

We offer phone jack wiring in Concord and the surrounding area for our commercial customers.  We’ll help you set up a network of cables that makes it easy to introduce new employees into the workplace without having to totally reinvent the wheel each time you need to set up a new phone system.

Data Wiring

Similar to phone jack wiring, we offer data wiring services in Concord, CA. Data wiring includes any kind of data cables your company might need, ranging from fiber optic, coaxial, CAT, or other data cables needed for your displays, computers, TVs, speaker system, or other devices. We can rewire your conference rooms and update your data cables to support HDMI, allowing you to deliver crisper, more professional looking presentations to wow your clients.

Data wiring service for office in Concord, CA

Licensed and Insured

Whenever you invest in data and phone service in Concord, it’s important to ensure that your contractor is fully licensed and insured. After all, it is your company on the line. Don’t cut corners when it comes to keeping your company connected. Instead, call DMR Electric for data and phone service in Concord. You’ll know your business is in good hands.