Best Home EV Charging Stations

Now that electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular (the Tesla Model 3 is finally in production, after all), we are seeing more people installing personal EV chargers in their homes. Sure, you can still rely on public EV charging stations at malls, shopping centers, and big parking garages – but what if you’d rather charge while you’re at home instead of hoping to find an open charging spot on the road? Your best bet is to install an at home electric vehicle charger.

There are dozens of options on the market from a variety of companies. But which one is right for you? Here we discuss the best home EV charging stations and why we like them.

JuiceBox Pro

Price: $599Juice Box Electric Vehicle charger installed by DMR Electric.

Why we like it: the JuiceBox Pro 40A is nice and compact, making it ideal for someone living in tight quarters. You can also take this EV charger with you, since it slides easily off of the mounting bracket. Best of all, this electric charger comes with WiFi so you can view charging data and miles added from your smartphone.


Price: $649 (with charging cord)

Why we like it: the ChargePoint line of EV chargers also come with WiFi capability so you can view your charging status with just a few clicks. This charger comes with either an 18 or 25 foot cord length, and you can opt for the hardwired or plug-in model depending on your needs. You can install yourself, or even add the installation fee for $397.99 when you purchase on Amazon.Siemens Versicharge Electric Vehicle charger installed by DMR Electric.

Siemens Versicharge

Price: $499

Why we like it: the Siemens Versicharge comes with a 14 foot cord, so the purchase price includes everything you’ll need to get started. While the Versicharge doesn’t come with WiFi capability, this model offers a competitive and affordable pricepoint. The handy charge delay feature means you can set it to wait anywhere from 2-8 hours before it starts charging.


Price: $499

Why we like it: the AeroVironment TurboCord is an affordable plug-in EV charger that is simple to install. Weighing in at under five lbs and equipped with a 20 ft cord and included wall hanger, this charging station is extremely versatile and easy to handle. You don’t need to have an expert install anything since this unit just plugs into an existing outlet. Take it with you on the go, or when you move to a new location.

DMR Electric can install any of the above or other EV Chargers in your home. We service the entire Bay Area for all electrical, and renewable power needs. Call us today for your Pleasant Hill electrician services.

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